the third age

1) The Third Age

Latest novelty from R2Games, The Third Age is a 2020 browser based game with heroic-fantasy and medieval paces. Build your kingdom and village, expand your knowledge, build an army and participate in exciting real-time battles.

The Third Age is a game featuring PvP battles, maintaining an economy from resources, building an empire, and training heroes. Combine with your friends and challenge your enemies at all times.

mad world

2) Mad World

Mad World is a new browser mmo 2020 unveiled last year by Jandisoft. Play as a heroic character in a post-apocalyptic universe of horror where absolute chaos reigns. You will have to fight alongside your friends to eliminate the monsters ruling the world.

Mad World is an old-school RPG adventure game, featuring a PvE combat system, PvP battles, a weapons-based combat system, boss raids, and a unique art style for his graphics.


3) Doomsday: War For Earth

Doomsday is the gtarcade best browser game 2020 based on a future world war. You will have to be a General and have to build your military base as in any good online war game, produce resources and build your army.

The important thing about Doomsday is finding new technologies, managing your units and resources, and making strategic choices about your alliances. Missions will be given to the chain to advance at your own pace in the game scenario.

The end of flash games from 2020

We already know since a few years, flash will disappear at the beginning of the year 2020 to give way to HTML5. Adobe (creator of flash technology) has decided to stop any activity regarding flash, to keep update with the bests current technologies. The company therefore calls all web browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Apple with Safari, and Windows Edge) to stop utilisation of flash from now.

Flash games have been around for more than 20 years, it was the first technology to play online easily and this technology will disappear very soon. The main concerned users are video game developers (and more specifically browser games) who must now use html5 to create their games. Users will not be impacted, they will not be accessible by much of the old games ...

Place to HTML5

The html5 is the latest version of html which is the most used web language on the internet today. It's now in html5 that will be developed most of the browser games in 2020, 2021 and even in the years that follow. Online gaming companies are already well informed and have even started for the most part to offer games in html5 browser. We even discover the first free mmorpg html5 such as Eternal Fury launched in 2019.

From now, the games in html5 were online very basic mini-games of action, reflection or addictive adventure, but we should start to see emerge a lot of multiplayer browser games developed in html5 in the coming months, it will be role playing game, strategy game, management and more.

Different types of browser games

It is possible to classify browser games into different types. In particular, there are the management games in which the player must manage structures, an economy, or any kind of environment in order to see it grow. Then we also have role plays (mmorpg) which are more focused on the development of the characteristics and skills of an avatar. Strategy games that join management games and through which players must compete against each other for the control of a vast territory for example. And finally the more casual games of action or reflection that we play solo when we have a little free time.

For each of these types of games, developers design a whole lot of different worlds and environments to immerse the player in the heart of the action and disconnect a little more from his daily routine. The topics are often medieval and fantastic, but also more and more space, there are also many games dealing with world wars or future wars, sports games and mainly football, girl games (from decoration, make-up or fashion), pirate games, animated manga games adopting a purely Japanese and kawaii style and much more. By 2020, there is an unparalleled variety of browser games for everyone to enjoy.

Play with friends on a browser

Playing with friends has never been more practical than today. You no longer need to download games to play with your friends online, you can now play easily on a browser to one of the many games on this site.

Most of the games above have a co-op mode allowing multiplayer mode. You will be able to find your friends in these virtual worlds and enjoy the gameplay with them every moment. This will however very often require a free registration, so you can register and your friend can find you inside the game.